Materi TIK Kelas 7

Monitor the screen computer level off the plasma very limber differ from the monitor save the. Plasma screen may not be touched hardly more than anything else use the sharp-pointed object like pencil or ballpoint, because easy to destroy. So also with the equipments of the other better pay attention the working safety, follow the example of the moment use the drilling machine have to use the protector spectacles to protect the eye from shiver and when long haired of your hair have to be bound to avoid the eye circumference drill which is rotating. When you not yet understood the usage of technique equipments you better ask to teacher .

From description of above earning you comprehend that scope of working safety cover the safety to human being, to appliance and object work, and to environment

In order to working safety better in Laboratory attached by a automatic appliance or knob for the safety of. The appliance can function as peacemaker,  current of when happened by the accident ofrelated to electrics